You have made the decision to sell your property for various reasons and your next step would be to decide on the method by which you are going to put your property on the market.

You have options here and you need to be fully aware of the advantages and pitfalls of each option:

Ethics and Trust:
We strictly adhere to the Estate Agency Code of Conduct and ensure that all ourbusiness is conducted to the highest standard.

Accurate and realistic valuations:
Our national network is managed by hundreds of local property experts who know their local markets inside and out. The local pricing and comparables database for your area is backed up by our dedicated Research Department, enabling us to monitor new trends and to keep one step ahead of the market. So, the valuation that you receive will be backed by solid facts.

Local knowledge
by starting small, building a network of local affiliates and recruiting the very best local property advisors. In-depth knowledge of an area or a neighbourhood is often the magic ingredient required to secure a sale’

Happy customers
We don’t just claim to deliver outstanding service, we can prove it. We’re so committed to ensuring that your experience with us is world class. As a client of ours you can expect to be asked for your feedback on your experience with us.

One-stop shop
we like to think of ourselves as a large family of professional affiliates. How can you benefit? We’re not just experts in residential sales, but can also offer advice on the rental potential of your property. If you’ve got a garden with development potential, our commercial division would be happy to take a look. Need help structuring the finance for your move? We’ve got that covered too. We won’t just sell your property. Our job is to maximise its market value, irrespective of the time and effort involved. In short, to give the very best property advice to every individual client.

Agent of choice
We know from seeking out customer feedback that the majority of people come to us, not because we’re the biggest or because we have the highest profile; but because of our reputation for world-class service and results, results, results

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